Complimentary water to be provided at U.S. Open


June 16, 2017 – Town of Erin, WI – In light of the update from the Washington Ozaukee Public Health Department about e-coli bacteria being found in drinking water at a hydration station at Erin Hills, the U.S. Open has released more information below.

The update is from Janeen Driscoll Director, Public Relations United States Golf Association

1)     Fans can continue to bring in their clear, transparent EMPTY water bottles for filling at our hydration stations.  Bottled water will come in the form of jug water from water machines.  Individual water bottles will not be provided at hydration stations, and we want to clarify this message immediately, so fans can prepare to bring their personal water bottles to the championship this weekend.


2)     Those arriving at Erin Hills this morning are telling our staff that some stations are reporting fans can bring in two full individual water bottles to the championship this weekend.  That message is incorrect.  We are providing complimentary jug water for filling and refilling personal, individual water bottles through the weekend.  Filled individual bottles will not be permitted, as a security precaution.


3)     The USGA has ordered more than 430 jug bottles of water, to start, this morning, providing an adequate supply for today’s round, and will continue to ensure fans have access to free water this weekend.


4)     All water at the U.S. Open is safe to drink; we are working directly with the Public Health Department to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all fans.

Thank you.

Janeen Driscoll
Director, Public Relations

United States Golf Association


Photo courtesy Fox 6.


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