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Man bit and dog dies after visit to Rolfs Park in West Bend, Wi – Police ask for help

March 29, 2024 – West Bend, Wi – West Bend Police are asking for the public’s help as an investigation is underway regarding a dog attack at Rolfs Park, 1150 S. 18th Avenue.


According to the West Bend Police report, the incident happened around 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 19, 2024, after a Boston Terrier named Gizmo was attacked and injured by another dog in the small dog enclosure. The owner of the Boston Terrier was also bit in the hand while trying to rescue his dog.

Wendy Wendorf

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According to the incident report, Donald Cridelich had his dog Gizmo in the small dog enclosure. Everything seemed fine and then he noticed a commotion and observed “a larger pit bull-type dog had taken hold of Gizmo with its mouth.”

Cridelich tried to pry his dog loose and the female owner of the other dog pulled at her dog’s collar. Another person at the park tried to help.

After separating the dogs, Cridelich said initially his dog appeared dead but was later alert and walking. Puncture marks were observed on the small dog.  Neither owner exchanged any information and both left the park.

The following day, Cridelich said Gizmo did not appear to act normal and when they decided to go to the vet, the dog had passed.

Police are looking for help, trying to find the owner of the dog involved in the incident. She’s described as a white woman in her late 20s or possibly 30s. Her dog is described as a white or grey pit bull that was dressed in a pet covering or shirt.

The incident report is posted below. Please note, some of the details may be disturbing in nature.

If anyone has information please contact West Bend Police at 262-335-5005.

This is a working story and more information will be posted when details become available.


  1. Not all pit bulls are bad. Any dog could have done the same. After all they are animals. This is an extremely sad incident
    Every owner of a dog should know their dog and what to they are capable of.

  2. It’s owners like this that give pit bulls a bad wrap. As an owner of a Pit, this whole situation has me fuming.
    If you know your dog doesn’t have a recall yet or can’t handle being friendly with other dogs, you should not bring them to a setting where something like this could happen. The lack of training and discipline that this dog has is not its fault, but the owners.
    I sympathize for the family who lost their beloved pet and hope that this lady gets the repercussions she deserves.

  3. It was suggested several years ago that the dog park install cameras (funded by the fees paid by users) and they still have not done so.
    There have been several incidents that could have been solved/resolved by having cameras installed…
    The cost of a camera, monitoring and service would have paid for itself several times over for what the city will now be paying in investigation time and misappropriation of police presence…

  4. No, but it always seems to be a pit or pit mix, doesn’t it? Not a lot of reports of collies and poodles killing other dogs (or people), are there?

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