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Sad news regarding eggs and the Potted Owl | By Christine Moczynski

April 15, 2024 – West Bend, Wi – Neighbors in West Bend, WI, and across the country have been following the much-loved story of River and Oscar, the Great Horned owls that nested in a flowerpot on the balcony at Rivershores in West Bend, WI.
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For about a month, since March 12, 2024, Christine and her husband John have been sharing the story of the owls daily; documenting their feeding habits and nesting patterns. The couple developed a personality for their unexpected guests and wrapped their arms around the experience.
Now, days away from the expected hatching, they share some sad news. Christine writes below….
It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that John and I have to make this announcement. Late last night River removed an egg from the nest. She then proceeded to eat it. I looked up online to inquire about this behavior. It is not uncommon.
The harsh reality is if it is not a viable egg, the nutritional value of it is too high to be wasted. She then went back to sitting on the remaining egg overnight.
Early this morning River jumped off the nest and sat on some crates holding a camera and then went to the railing for a bit. This went on for about 5 minutes. It didn’t seem right. It was like she was saying goodbye. She then flew off into the morning sun and was so beautiful. She has not been back.
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We don’t know why she left the last egg, but we do not feel it is a viable egg at this point. I have consulted with an expert on this matter to confirm all of this and we agreed this is a good plan to leave the egg there for now.
Most Great Horned Owls lay their eggs in February and now have month-old owlets. River did not lay hers until mid-March. So, she was a little behind the curve and nature just took its course. We hope she will return here next year but she is wildlife, and we just don’t know where she will go. Wherever that is, we have all the hope in the world for her that she has a successful brood.
Even though we have come to this sad ending, it has been…  Click HERE to read the rest of their story.

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