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First quarter Student of the Week award winners at St. Kilian School in Hartford | By Jenny Trimberger



Nov. 14, 2017 – Hartford, WI – During Quarter 1 at St. Kilian School, we recognized students who went above and beyond or modeled good citizenship for their classmates. The students who were recognized for the “Student of the Week” Award were:

Gaby George – Gr. 6

Ella Schlaefer – Gr. 7

Isabella DeMeuse – Gr. 7

Ben Labuda – Gr. 5

Kyleigh Waldvogel – Gr. 8

Sophie Bessey – Gr. 8

Mason Roell – Gr. 3

Dylan Baldus – Gr. 1

Layla Lechner – 5K

Emma Wiedmeyer – 4K

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