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Galileo Comes to West Bend by Hannah Bensen

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West Bend High School student reporter Hannah Bensen has an article published in The Current about exam week and she explains the online testing system, Galileo. A portion of her article is below.

Darci VanAdestine, Director of High School Teaching and Learning, said Galileo is a “system that houses online assessments. The teachers that give online assessments in their class are able to track it and house it inside Galileo.”

So how does Galileo work?

“Teachers choose the top standards they will be covering that year,” VanAdestine said. “Then there are banks of questions that relate to all those standards that are already in the system [and] are nationally normed to the Wisconsin Academic Standards that teachers can then select to appear on their exam. They can [then] see a test that’s been generated, they go through the questions and select what questions are appropriate for the students.”

“The process started eight months ago with teacher input,” Principal Bill Greymont said.

The reason for the change in format is because Galileo can allow “teachers to see each individual student’s data and the areas that they need to grow in and create what’s called interventions,” VanAdestine said. An intervention is used, for example, to target students that do not understand a particular standard or idea, and re-teach that idea.


To read more of Bensen’s article regarding Galileo testing and the learning curve log onto Galileo comes to West Bend.

(Top image: Justus Sustermans’ 1636 painting “Portrait of Galileo Galilei,” retrieved from Wikimedia Commons.)

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