Gov. Walker approves $500,000 for improvements for Hartford Municipal Airport

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March 9, 2017 – Hartford, WI – Governor Scott Walker approved $500,000 in funding to provide design plans and advance work for real estate acquisition for the Hartford Municipal Airport.


Matt Malicki, airport development engineer with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT), says this work is in advance of the realignment of the airport’s primary runway and parallel taxiway.


Design – $310,000

$310,000 is allotted to draft plans and specification for the runway realignment as well as provide a 400 foot extension. In addition, the project will conduct an aerial obstruction survey to provide GPS approach capabilities to the new runway alignment. The design project began in September 2016 and should be completed by August 2017.


Funding Breakdown

  • State = $15,500
  • City of Hartford = $15,500
  • Federal Aviation Administration = $279,000


Real Estate activities – $190,000

$190,000 was approved for project management, appraisals, appraisal review, negotiation services and other necessary preparation for the acquisition of property needed for the airport’s runway and taxiway realignment.  This project began in October 2016 and should be completed by June 2017.

Funding Breakdown

  • State = $9,500
  • City of Hartford = $9,500
  • Federal Aviation Administration = $171,000


Airport improvement projects are administered through the WisDOT Bureau of Aeronautics. Hartford Municipal Airport is one of 97 facilities included in the Wisconsin State Airport System Plan, which makes it eligible for state and federal funding.


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