VIDEO | We’re here for you at the h.e.l.p Corner in West Bend and Hartford | By Clare Robbe


    Washington Co., WI – The h.e.l.p. Corner is a Health Equipment Lending Program designed to provide Washington County residents in need with access to durable medical equipment. Click below and take a tour.


    Are you or a loved one recovering from surgery? An accident? Needing to improve safety at home?

    For a small deposit, we will loan you gently used durable medical equipment that can help.
    Contact the h.e.l.p. Corner today.

    The h.e.l.p. Corner has two locations:

    West Bend

    Interfaith Caregivers


    1. We need a commode but nobody in our home has a medical need for it. However, we are renovating our only bathroom and the water will be off and the toilet needs to be removed for new flooring. We are renting a porta potty for our family for the week but this is a scary option for our tiny 5 yr old to use it by himself, especially at night. So we set up a commode in the basement for him to use. He’s so excited! Thank you H.E.L.P Corner.

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