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Highway construction update in Hartford

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Update on construction work in Hartford on Highway 60 and Highway 83.

Note from Hartford city engineer Jason Schall.

WE Energies was back working today. They did not work yesterday due to the cold temperatures. They were preparing for boring and installation of the north-south section of gas main along the west of Hwy. 83. They began fusing pipe and laying out the new gas main and along Hwy. 83 just north of Hwy. 60. The pipe will be installed tomorrow. Until then the pipe will remain in the concrete terrace area of Hwy. 83. WE Energies and their contractor have spoken to the businesses about the pipe remaining in this location until it is installed tomorrow.
After this gas main is installed tomorrow, the contractor will begin with the lateral connections to the new gas main. I believe they said there are about 6 to 8 laterals they need to connect. In order to connect the laterals to the new main, they need to open holes in the sidewalk area. The contractor will keep these holes protected when they are not working in them.
The contractor did remove the larger steel plates from the roadway today. These were left to protect the trenches from last week’s work. The patches in these trenches are now strong enough to carry traffic.
The open holes in the southern most eastbound lane of Hwy. 60 will continue to remain open until the gas work is completed. The contractor continues to keep these holes protected with barrels and fencing.
Thank you,
Jason W. Schall, P.E. Hartford City Engin

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