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Holy Angels Student of the Month

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Student of the Month
December 2015:

6th – Leah Nagel

Leah is an excellent student who demonstrates consistent effort and performance across all her classes. She also enjoys participating in sports, especially volleyball. She is very conscientious, organized and helpful showing a positive attitude. She has joined the ranks of mass servers as one of the many ways she connects with school activities. Leah likes reading, is a good writer, and spends some creative time on crafts like knitting and crocheting.
7th – Tyler Stanek

Ty is a fun guy to have around. He has a great sense of humor and tends to give one hundred percent attention to activities that interest him. This year, teachers notice that he has stepped up the effort across all of his classes. He has taken the initiative to ask questions and get help. In class, as always, he shows great participation and leadership. He is a curious person, coming up with thoughtful ideas. Ty is a sports fanatic and ambitious, planning to have a career in football.
8th –Aidan Schmidt

Aidan has established himself as a leader at Holy Angels. He is president of the Student Council, was the hilarious star of the Christmas play, and is a server at Mass, to list just a few of the ways he contributes. Aidan can be counted on to participate fully in class discussions, making class interesting with his intelligence and wit. He enjoys reading, especially fantasy and science fiction. In addition, Aidan is a very polite young man with great manners who is well-liked by everyone.

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