VIDEO | Common Sense Citizens addresses human trafficking


September 24, 2020 – West Bend, WI – Common Sense Citizens of Washington County  addressed the issue of human trafficking at its meeting this week held at the VFW on Park Avenue.

Guest speakers included Deacon Steve Przedpelski, Director of Franciscan Peacemakers, Wendy Smith, Co-founder of Washington County Anti-Trafficking Advocates, and retired Detective Tamara Remington.

Remington stressed one of the biggest common denominators of the people involved in human trafficking is that all of them have vulnerabilities.

Washington Co Human trafficking

A couple other bullet points on human trafficking:
  • Taffickers are master manipulators.
  • If they can hook one human they can use them over and over. You can sell people 30 times a night.
  • Traffickers patiently wait.
  • We are over sharing on social media and it is not OK.
  • The problem is not just Cuties on Netflix, every aspect of society from music to movies to social media is now nhighly sexualized.
  • It’s not grab and go it is a manipulation and grooming and trust and exploiting
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