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Kewaskum Foods chosen as official processor for 2021 Governor’s Blue Ribbon Livestock Auction

July 28, 2021 – Kewaskum, WI – This year’s Governor’s Blue Ribbon Livestock Auction will take place Wednesday, August 11, 2021, in the Case IH Colosseum at State Fair Park in West Allis, WI. The Governor’s Blue Ribbon Livestock Auction Committee has selected Kewaskum Foods as the official processor for the 2021 Governor’s Blue Ribbon Livestock Auction.

Kewaskum Frozen Foods

Kewaskum Foods, located in Kewaskum, WI has been in business for nearly 80 years. Originally opening as a meat locker, their current business focus is on custom processing and wholesale meat and sausage products.

Some of their products previously have won awards at the Wisconsin State Fair. They also have a retail store in Kewaskum.

GO Riteway

Kewaskum Foods is owned by Brian and Carolyn Schumacher, of Wauwatosa. Brian Schumacher said, “We are honored to be selected as the official processor for the Governor’s Blue Ribbon Livestock Auction. Since taking ownership of Kewaskum Foods nearly three years ago, we have strived to produce quality products that our customers will enjoy. We hope the buyers bid high to support the exhibitors, and we look forward to working with the buyers to process their animals.”

Over 600 Wisconsin State Fair Junior Beef, Swine, and Sheep Exhibitors compete for a coveted spot in the auction. In addition to supporting the junior fair exhibitors who are selling animals, the auction reaches over 200 junior fair exhibitors by supporting $30,000 annually in scholarships and contributes $20,000 directly to Wisconsin State Fair to assist with funding Wisconsin State Fair Junior Exhibitor programs. The animals are harvested the week after the fair.

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Many of the Governor’s Livestock Auction’s 100+ buyers donate their purchases to local food pantries. “Donating to local food pantries is a great way to increase the impact of a buyer’s livestock purchase. Not only is the buyer supporting the State Fair through scholarships and programming, but their investment also helps feed people in need right here in Wisconsin,” Carolyn Schumacher said.

The Governor’s Blue Ribbon Livestock Auction has been supporting Wisconsin Youth actively involved in agriculture for more than 50 years. The auction’s mission is to educate and encourage Wisconsin State Fair youth exhibitors to produce high-quality livestock that will provide wholesome and nutritious products while providing a platform for enhancing and strengthening the agriculture community of Wisconsin and to foster a better understanding of agriculture industry throughout our society.


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