Kicking off Kettle Moraine Lutheran’s 12 Days of Christmas – Families in need include the Poehlman family, Craig family and Weber family

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Dec. 2, 2016 – Jackson, WI – Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School has kicked off its annual 12 Days of Christmas program.

Twelve Days of Christmas is a school tradition designed to reach out to families in need and share the love of Christ.

Over 12 days, KML will collect money with fundraisers through student involvement. Not only students, but parents, federation members, alumni and any friends of Charger are encouraged to participate.

You can send a check to KML – 12 Days of Christmas, 3399 Division Road, Jackson, WI 53007. Checks can be made to KML.

This year, KML will help three families battling in health and financial issues.


Poehlman family – Matt Poehlman, whose husband and a father, unexpectedly passed away in his sleep at age 42, leaving mom to pick up the pieces with her young family.

As their 4-year-old niece put it, “I bet Uncle Matt was so surprised and excited when he woke up in heaven.” Debbie and Matt were married 14 years and have two beautiful children, Abby who is 12 and in 7th grade and Andy who is 10 and in 5th grade at St. John’s Lannon.

Not only did they lost a husband and dad, but a soccer coach, a hunting buddy and fishing friend in their family. Now a single mom, Debbie needs your for support to fulfill high school plans for her kids.


The Weber family started their long journey in January when they found Kellyn, KML class of 1999 graduate, was diagnosed with brain tumor, Bryan is battling diabetes, and their 8-year-old daughter Elis is working with juvenile arthritis.

Kellyn had her first surgery in May for a five centimeters (tennis ball size) tumor.

She has been working with her chemo and radiation since July, phase one of which treatment for six week, and started one year of another treatment of chemo.

Kellyn currently has missed two months of work due to her health complications.

Finally, KML will help the Craig family whose home sustained major damage during a fire last September. The Craig family is made up of Jim Craig, Julie Craig, Cody Craig (25), Kyle Craig (23), Anna Mae (22, married), Emily Craig 20, Lydia Craig 18, Jim Craig Jr. (14), and Richard Craig (12).

The Craig’s 18-year-old daughter with down syndrome also spent about a month in the hospital following the fire. The Craigs lost all their belongings in the fire and they are currently living in temporary housing.  Their desire is to see the house rebuilt and live as a family in that house.
The Craig family is heavily involved in helping the community through reaching out to the jail and prison systems with a faith-based program, as well as the ministry program in their church.


In 2015, KML was able to helped the Dove and Olson families through 12 Days of Christmas.

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