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VIDEO | After 41 years the Kleinke family is selling the Amerahn in Kewaskum

February 16, 2021 – Kewaskum, WI – After 41 years in the tavern business the Kleinke family is ready to move along and they are selling the Amerahn in Kewaskum.


“The first time I walked in here it was Steve and Mary’s Minor Bar and my friends sat me on a chair and within 10 minutes I had 15 beers sitting in front of me,” said Amerahn owner Marie Kleinke. “I think beers were 7 bottles for $1 at that time.”

In 1974 the drinking age lowered to 18 and the hall was built.

Earl and Marie Kleinke bought the establishment in 1980. “Earl always wanted to own a bar,” said Marie. “We had a lot of rock bands perform here including Rockin’ 88 and Herman’s Hermits.”

Marie Kleinke

“I remember the floors and windows shaking when I was a kid,” said Brian.

The Amerahn has been sale for the past year. “My knees are bad and I’m old enough to retire,” said Marie.

Murphy & Pracht

BOSS Realty is overseeing the sale of the property. A pair of couples from the Campbellsport area are the new owners. A liquor license was discussed during the Town of Kewaskum meeting regarding the new owner 7 Bridges Road, LLC.

the Amerahn

Prior to the Kleinke’s owning the establishment the business was a hot spot known as Steve and Mary’s Minor Bar. Owners were Steve and Mary Rahn.

They later built the Amerhan Bar and Hall with their daughter and son-in-law, Jeanne and Allen Amerling.

Mary Rahn

Mary Rahn died in September 2013.

Steve Rahn



Steve Rahn died August 22, 2014.

The hall was a popular and favorite gathering place for many.



The Amerahn
The Amerahn will be hosting a final LAST BASH with Riding Shotgun on Saturday MARCH 20.  Riding Shotgun will also be playing at the February 20 event. Both are open to the public.
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