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VIDEO | Prepping for Kwik Trip No. 5 at 18th Avenue in West Bend

March 18, 2021 – West Bend, WI – The big trucks are moving earth and removing a longstanding tree line on the south end of the property at 18th Avenue and Highway 33 as the development of Kwik Trip No. 5 is underway in West Bend.

On a windy Thursday, large dump trucks and excavators could be seen pulling up the blacktop at the site, formerly home to Fleet Farm. On the south side of the property trees were being removed from a nearby fence line.

Lois Biron is a neighbor whose property abuts that tree line. Biron has lived on Concord Lane for 20 years.

In March 2020 Biron was concerned with the development design that would remove a 50-foot tall line of Evergreen trees and how the new store would be about 60-feet off the property line.

She said another concern was there would now be ongoing traffic since the store would be open seven days a week and the reports to the Plan Commission showed a 75% increase in traffic to the area and even more if a restaurant will be built.

“Kwik Trip is a 24-7 operation and we’ll no longer have holidays with no noise or quiet at night and with added development there are added concerns,” said Biron. “From 15th Avenue and 18th Avenue there are other businesses coming in and our concern is this will be another Paradise Drive. This will directly impact the enjoyment we have along with the four other neighborhoods behind us.”

Biron was primarily concerned about the noise and how they would be able to hear things in the summer when their windows would be open.

“We accept Kwik Trip,” said Biron. “But still have concerns about a number of things.”

Kwik Trip

DATE: March 8, 2021
TO: Board of Public Works
FROM: Max Marechal, City Engineer
SUBJECT: Approve Municipal Storm Sewer Easement – Kwik Trip
Could you place an item on the agenda of the meetings of the Board of Public Works and
Common Council to consider a recommendation to approve a Municipal Storm Sewer Easement for the proposed Kwik Trip development located at 1637 W. Washington Street?
Kwik Trip is proposing to redevelop the former Fleet Farm and Citgo site located at 1613 and 1637 W. Washington Street; to build a 9,000 sq. ft. convenience store with a 2,100 sq. ft. attached car wash.

Kwik Trip submitted a storm water management plan (SWMP) for the development. The city is currently reviewing this SWMP, which proposes to relocate an existing 24-inch storm sewer that bisects the parcel. Storm water originating from other private properties upstream, travels through public pipes in 18th Avenue, and flows into and through this existing storm sewer.

The easement document is a safeguard to ensure the preservation of the storm water flow, and to define and clarify ownership and maintenance responsibilities of the relocated storm sewer line.

The easement will be recorded at Washington County. City Attorney, Ian Prust, reviewed the easement and found it satisfactory. We recommend that the Board and Council approve the easement.

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