Lance and Jenny Rohan set the record straight on the theft of cards/gifts in Fillmore



Sept. 13, 2017 – Newburg, WI – On Monday, was first to report the story about Lance and Jennifer Rohan. They had their wedding reception last Saturday at Fillmore Turner Hall and then their gift/card box was stolen out of a vehicle in the parking lot as they were all wrapping it up for the night.


Jenny saw the report on TV and wanted to make a couple clarifications.  Her notes are below.

– The box was roughly a 3.5-foot x 2.5-foot chest. It was heavy and incredibly ostentatious.

–  It was not stolen from the hall. We had eyes on it all night and it never moved.

– At the end of the night our sober best man carried it out to our parent’s vehicle. It was the absolute last thing loaded, and other gifts were moved to be on top of it.

– Our parents stepped inside the door that the vehicle was parked less than 10 feet outside of to say goodbye, and in a less than 5-minute time frame, their vehicle was opened, the other gifts were tossed off the top, and the chest was removed.

-It was not taken due to a lack of care.

-We would like to be clear that our reason for agreeing to speak with media is not because we would like any monetary handouts.

-We DO NOT have a Go Fund Me page and have absolutely no interest in starting one.

-Bad things happen and you deal with it and move on.

-Our only motivation is that we would like to know if this has happened to anyone else (besides the Mayville wedding), and if so, we would really appreciate them reaching out to us.

Feel free to message Jenny through Facebook.

Washington County Sheriff is investigating. Click HERE for more details.

Photo courtesy Jenny Rohan.

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