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Good kids donate money from lemonade stand to local Sheriff | By Maya Christ and the Hennes brothers

November 12, 2020 – Town of Herman, WI – Some good kids in the Town of Herman in Dodge County spent time over the summer running a lemonade stand in their neighborhood. Maya Christ, Aiden Hennes, Brayden Hennes, Deklan Hennes were busy raising money for “Police Officers, because they need help.”

The students submitted a photo and story about their effort.

Town of Herman donation, lemonade

Chief Deputy Scott Mittelstadt, Aiden Hennes, Brayden Hennes, Deklan Hennes, Maya Christ and Sheriff Dale Schmidt.

Maya Christ wrote:

“We should support police officers. Most police officers are good. Life is about giving and helping. We knew people were hurting them for the wrong reasons and we wanted to help them. But we knew we were kids and we couldn’t do much, so we decided to have a lemonade stand. We sold lemonade and popcorn and we sold flags. We had lots of fun while doing the lemonade stand, even though sometimes it was rough, we enjoyed it.”

Brayden, Deklan and Aiden Hennes wrote:

“To help the police officers in need and protect themselves. To train K-9 dogs, some police officers, and fix their stuff like squad cars. Now they have money if anything would happen.”

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