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VIDEO | Maple syrup adventure at Cedar Community in West Bend

West Bend, WI – A successful season for maple syrup processing at Cedar Community.



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Residents volunteered their time collecting sap from 112 trees, removing the bags and buckets of sap, standing outdoors boiling hot liquid in freezing temps, monitoring gauges, filtering, bottling and labeling the finished product.

maple syrup

The finished product resulted in 25 gallons of syrup.


The Maple Syrup team included: Peg Arkin, Dick Augustine, Jerry Balser, Kathy Balser, Peter Biletzky, Tom Blumenberg, Dave Braby, Carol Davidson, Wesley Falk, James Frank, Dick Hammes, Roger Harpt, Pat Henke, Tome Hildebrandt, Carol Holter, James Hubbel, Georgia Kletti, Marion Kluge, John Kocourek, KC Laycock, Sharon Lindstrom, Chuck Lindstrom, Dave McFadden, Rich Miller, Michael Morning, Peggy Ore, Damon Pena, Kay Pena, Otto Pena, Jim Piepenburg, Richard Pierce, Al Probst, Dortheann Rauch, Keith Ruesch, Marilyn Ruesch, Don Schneider, Paul Scholl, Rick Scholl, Ted Scott, Avis Sheridan, Max Sommerfeld, Althea Stamm, Bob Sydow, Gene Taurman, Wes Westra, Bob Weyker, Bruce Whitmore, Ruth Whitmore, John O. Wood, Dale Zarling, Mary Zarling.

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