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Meadowbook Farms has beef for sale

Feb. 20, 2019 – West Bend, WI – When he’s not clearning snow around West Bend and Washington County Rick Takacs, owner of Meadowbrook Farms, 2970 Mile View Road in West Bend, is raising animals.

Takacs now has three quarters beef available and some meat packages from another steer. Weights are 244 pounds and 240 pounds priced at $2.89 a pound plus 55 cents butcher, cutting, wrapping, freezing for a total of $3.39 a pound hanging weight.

Product should be ready Friday or Saturday, Feb. 22 – 23, and next week.

Also available is one quarter beef that weighs 225 pounds hanging weight,  1/8 steer meat package is approximately 120 pounds hanging weight.

Steers are fed a pure natural diet, no additives, no Implants, no hormones, no antibiotics just grass, hay, grains, pasture squash and pumpkins.

Call me or text to reserve at 414 617 3649.


Graphic courtesy Retro Planet

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