No park restrooms during Hartford Jaycees Easter Egg Hunt | By Steve Volkert

April 19, 2019 – Hartford, WI – Hartford’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt will be Saturday, April 20 at Woodlawn Union Park, 1100 Wacker Drive,  hosted by Hartford Jaycees at 8:30 a.m. sharp.

Please remember there will be no bathrooms available at the park. For more information on this event, please check out the City Rec website.


Photo courtesy The Amboy Guardian

There will be six wonderful sections full of eggs with candy and prizes. Sections are 2 & Under, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, and Lauren’s Super Hunt (For children with disabilities).


Take pictures with the Easter Bunny before and after the hunt. Best of all, this event is completely free.

Woodlawn Park in Hartford

So why is it park shelter bathrooms aren’t open earlier?
Every year, local park programs begin without the normal bathroom facilities being open for attendees. The reason is universal for all Wisconsin public parks and that is that water lines are buried within the normal frost line making it very risky to prep those lines for normal water use until it is certain it will not freeze up causing major incidents.
Normal prepping dates are just before Memorial Day and unfortunately, even that can come with a risk of freezing.
So no matter what community in our frozen state you travel to, most will use portable bathrooms for daily use until Mother Nature allows for bathrooms to be opened.

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