WB School District looking for new H.S. athletic director

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The West Bend School District is in the market for a new athletic director as West Bend East A.D. Shane Hansen is leaving at the end of the year to start his own business as a Christian life coach.

High School Principal Bill Greymont said, “I’ve had a good opportunity this last year to work with Shane and he’s had some great ideas and a vision and I think all you have to do is look at the kids in the East student section to know what kind of an affect he’s had.”

As far as finding a new A.D. Greymont said, “we’ll follow our regular process for filling the post.”

But will the school district take advantage of the opportunity and go to one athletic director for both schools? Greymont said, definitely not.

“I think there’s a focus on having two,” he said. “Knowing what the need is for the two programs and everything we’re doing with the athletic task force and planning; we heard from the community last year we need an athletic director for each one.”

Greymont was clear that two A.D.’s help grow each program separately.

“You can not get to the competitive level that needs to happen with just one person trying to do East and West,” he said. “If we go back, that opens up the one school – two school debate and that’s a closed book.”

Hansen is leaving the school district June 30. In an exclusive interview with http://www.washingtoncountyinsider.com Hansen talked about fulfilling a life-long dream.

“I’m leaving at the end of the year to start my own business,” said Hansen. “I feel a strong call from God to serve in a different capacity and I’m looking forward to serving.”

A devout Christian Hansen, 32, grew up in Ripon and last fall moved with his family back to his hometown.

Hansen explained the concept of being a life coach as not therapy or mentoring but more so being a coach and helping a client come up with a path.

“I’ve worked with people who are interested in time management,” said Hansen. “If they think they’re spending too much time at work and would like to spend more time with their family I’d help them come up with strategies to do that and stay true to their commitment.”

In the middle of last year Hansen found himself in the hot seat following a high-profile issue where long-time East girls varsity basketball coach Donny Gruber was fired, Ron Larson was outspoken about the new coach that was hired and coach, Travis Graf, was brought in from outside of the community.

Hansen said his decision to move on had nothing to do with the coaching controversy, but was a personal one.

“This is something that has been on my heart for a long time now,” he said. “God is calling me to do this and to serve in this capacity.”

West Bend School District Superintendent Ted Neitzke said Hansen contacted the coaches today to notify them about his resignation. “I’m excited for him to pursue a life dream,” said Neitzke. “I think he did a nice job while he was here.”

The name of Hansen’s new business will be Shane Hansen Christian Life Coach LLC. “I’m just getting my feet wet now,” he said. “I got trained in Christian life coaching over the summer through an online program with the Christian Life Institute out of North Carolina.”

Hansen started as athletic director at East in July 2014; he replaced Jeff Rondorf who stepped out of the position to become varsity football coach of the West Bend East Suns.

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