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Paper swords – by Jessica Steger

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West Bend High School reporter Jessica Steger writes about a unique reading competition at the school the year and one young man who has decided to go it alone. The full story is in this month’s edition of The Current.

East junior Brandon Kohler has found the courage to walk into battle as an army of one.

Kohler has entered the Battle of the Books competition, taking place in the East and West High Schools, as a one-man team. Traditionally teams consist of up to four members to share the reading load, but this year the ranks are thin.

In Battle of the Books each team reads 20 books between their members, and then “battle” an opposing team by answering questions about the books read. If there are enough teams these battles are conducted tournament style, and the winners of each school advance to the state competition.

Why would Kohler embark on a mission to read 20 books alone?

“I would prefer to do it on my own because …..

Read the rest of Jessica Steger’s story and find out how Kohler plans to out duel his competitors in this year’s “Battle of the Books.”


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