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Planting on the farm at Witte’s Vegetable Market on CTH NN | By Gus Witte

West Bend, WI – It doesn’t matter if I’m 16 or 36, when planting with my dad, my place is on the tractor at Witte’s Vegetable Market in West Bend, WI.


Today we were planting pickles. I drive the tractor and use a string with washers at the end as a guide to know how far apart the rows will be; it also helps to keep the rows nice and straight.

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My dad sits behind the tractor on our New Idea transplanter putting in the transplants one by one.

Planting with the New Idea Transplanter

Some people may see yard art, but for us, these planters are the key to a successful operation.

We will be open today from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. We have a smaller number of berries today.
The berries will be smaller in size but packed with flavor.  Our next large picking of strawberries will be Thursday. So, if you want a larger amount please wait until Thursday.
Peas will also start on Thursday. My workers and I are going to do our best to get both the regular and sugar snap picked. However, peas are a cool weather crop, so sets are lighter than normal due to the drought and heat.
Such is life when relying on the weather for production.

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