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POLL | Should the stop signs at Decorah and Silverbrook stay or go?

Oct. 1, 2018 – West Bend, WI – There’s been quite a bit of discussion regarding the construction on 18th Avenue in West Bend but a sidebar story has neighbors concerned about the future of the stop signs at Silverbrook and Decorah.

When construction started on 18th Avenue there was an increase in traffic on Decorah Road. To make it safer the city put up a 4-way stop at Decorah and Silverbrook.

As we draw closer to the opening of 18th Avenue there’s been some discussion on whether the 4-way stop should remain at Decorah and Silverbrook.

What say you?


  1. Yes and one should also be added to Silverbrook & Chestnut. These are my main thoroughfares along with 18th and those spots need some help. It’s very hard to cross Decorah when in Silverbrook when there is traffic flowing from the intersection at 18th. Also, the Silverbrook / Chestnut intersection has too many accidents and it’s dangerous with all the children crossing from school.

  2. Definitely not, things were fine before. Plus traffic will decrease now that 18th avenue is actually a decent road. With the logic of keeping it we might as well put one up at every intersection.

  3. Yes, keep the stop. Traffic has been so much lighter on Decorah. Now, we need to figure out what to do about 7th and Decorah!

  4. I don’t live in West Bend, but I travel over there often enough that I feel I’m capable of expressing my opinion.

    Being that Decorah Road is a major street in West Bend, and that Silverbrook Middle School is in the area, I think it’s imperative that the four way stop remain at that intersection. I’m in favor of any move that makes it safer for the children to cross the intersection when school is in session.

  5. Please keep. When we lived in Silverbrook it was always a concern when our kids had to cross Decorah. An added couple of seconds to somebody’s drive is not much to ask.

  6. 100% YES!!!!! KEEP IT!!!!!! It has greatly improved intersection speed and safety!!!!!!!! I also agree one needs to be added at Chestnut and Silverbrook. I was hit there several yeara ago by someone who didnt stop on silverbrook. I see these axcidents often there.

  7. Yes please this is so needed, this intersection gets backed up, I have also seen many close call accidents, as someone who uses this road daily- Silverbrook I say please ,please listen to the public and keep these stop signs in place !!!!!!!

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