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Prepping for annual free Easter dinner at the Moose

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It’s an Easter tradition that’s taking place in homes across Slinger, Myra, Jackson and the rest of Washington County as families are busy coloring Easter eggs.

The Carter/DeLisle family at the West Bend Moose Lodge spent time this week getting ready for its 25th Annual Free Community Easter Dinner at the Moose Lodge. 12910661_10153387799727115_1191704702_n

All food for the dinner is donated by Moose members and local businesses.

Sunday supper will consist of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, California blend veggies, jello and sherbet with cookies.

Serving begins promptly at noon.


Some of the participants in the egg coloring included Camden DeLisle (age 4), Kyrie Carter (age 3), Lexi (age 14) and Luke (age 12) Weber.

Fifteen dozen eggs were colored.  “They giggled when they did 2-tone colors or if an egg looked speckled,” said coordinator Katti Carter. “Camden and Kyrie wanted to take the eggs out as fast as they put them in so they continually asked “Can I take it out yet?””

The session ended with surprisingly only three casualties. “It was Kyrie’s first time coloring eggs and Camden’s second,” said Carter. “Their hands were definitely colorful.”


Photos courtesy Katti Carter.

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