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VIDEO | REAL ESTATE | Sneak peek at remodel as The Kettle starts to take shape

Slinger, WI – Steve Kearns and his family of contractors are making quick work since the announcement in April that Kettle Moraine Bowl, 1021 E. Commerce Blvd, would become the go-to place in Slinger for family fun and the second location of Jug’s Hitching Post.

The interior has been framed up and on the far west end, a segment of large floor-to ceiling windows have been installed. High-backed booths have also been rolled into place on casters as contractors measure for placement of outlets where a series of big-screen TVs will be installed.


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Kearns said his goal is to create a one-of-a-kind entertainment venue for Slinger which will include a huge gaming room with two 15-and-a-half foot golf simulators and outdoors he has enough space for pickleball and volleyball courts.

Taking a look at the north wall, contractors have framed out a set of garage doors that will open to outdoor seating.

Towards the bowling alley section of the building, a wall is being built to separate The Kettle from the restaurant. The old counter and cubby holes for shoe rentals remains in place but above Kearns has a section for three 75-inch televisions.

Some other changes include a higher ceiling, covering up the concrete block, and a lot more windows.

“I’m just trying to do the right thing to help the community,” said Kearns. “Slinger really needs something and that’s why we tried to put everything in. Jason Jug is so excited and the day it opens he is going to be slammed.”

Target opening for ‘The Kettle’ is August 2024. Stay tuned.

Below is a story that ran in April 2024.

Slinger, WI – Plans for the former Kettle Moraine Bowl are now being revealed as owner Steve Kearns said he is “giving the community something to look forward to.”

As noisy jackhammers echoed through the building at 1021 E. Commerce Blvd in Slinger, work crews have already begun transforming the bowling alley into a one-of-a-kind entertainment venue.


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“We’re going to have glass garage doors on the front (STH 60) with outdoor seating and we’re going to extend the roofline from 15 feet to 17 feet; it’s just going to look amazing,” said Kearns.

Originally built in 1978, the once simple bowling alley will soon be home to a place with something for everyone.

Uncle Larry's Storage

The 4-and-a-half-acre property will feature outdoor pickleball courts to the east, lighted outdoor volleyball courts to the south, large garage doors that open access for viewing or sit-down socializing. The interior will feature the bowling alley and a gaming room complete with four golf simulators.


Cosmetically, Kearns is working to open up the space by punching out the ceiling tiles, bringing in more light with 7-foot high and 15-foot-wide windows. He is also adding some character with overhead steel beams, decorative pallet boards on the inside and 75-inch TVs in every direction.

The biggest addition will be the restaurant.

“We will have Jason Jug from the Hitching Post,” said Kearns. “He will have a full menu and we will have a specific area for takeout. We expect he will do up to 1,000 fish fry’s on Fridays.”

Kearns plans to knock down some walls, create an expanded kitchen with walk-in coolers, and relocate/add two more bathrooms.

The Slinger Village Board will take up the location and licensing next week.

“So far the Village and Scott Stortz have been easy to work with,” said Kearns.

Target opening for ‘The Kettle’ is August 2024. Stay tuned.

Below are stories that ran in 2023 and 2024
Slinger, WI – There’s some activity at the old Kettle Moraine Bowl location in Slinger, 1021 E. Commerce Blvd. Neighbors have spotted a Dumpster outside and some work crews entering and exiting the building. Quite a few people chimed in this week about what they hoped would become of the space. Early indications… one guess was pretty spot on.
It was March 2023 when the property was purchased. Scroll below for some vintage photos and real estate history.  What would you like to see at the site of the old Kettle Moraine Bowl on Highway 60.

Kettle Moraine Bowl

Steve Kearns closed on the purchase of the land, building, and contents inside Kettle Moraine Bowl on Tuesday, February 28, 2023.

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“I thought it was a very good investment on 4.5 acres of land on Highway 60,” said Kearns.

Kettle Moraine Bowl

Below is the original story that ran March 4, 2023. 

The parcel, according to Kearns, will not remain a bowling alley. “Right now, it’s up in the air what I’m going to do but very seldom does that much acreage become available on a very busy highway,” he said.

American Commercial Real Estate

Kearns did confirm a number of “commercial users” have contacted him with interest in the property.

Kettle Moraine Bowl was established in 1979 by Judy and Fred Kasten. At the time, the location on Highway 60 was a big empty farm field. Over the years the popular bowling alley hosted leagues, banquets, and sports figures like the Packers Gilbert Brown and NASCAR driver Alan Kulwicki. “When Fred bought this land, he thought it would have been as valuable as County Highway Q,” said grandson Kyle.

Tom and Amy Kasten had been running the bowling alley the last 40 years.

Kyle said the community’s reaction to the sale has been “remorseful.”

Kettle Moraine Bowl

An aerial photo of the bowling alley from years ago sat in the corner of an office at the blowing alley.

Kettle Moraine Bowl
Prime property on Highway 60 – Kettle Moraine Bowl

The Slinger Spring Car Show and Swap Meet was a popular event every April in the parking lot surrounding the bowling alley.

Kearns purchased the property and the building. He said the building and items inside will be sold or auctioned.

The asking price for the property was $1.5 million.

Kearns said his offer was accepted in October 2022.

This is a working story, and more information will be posted when details are available.

Wendy Wendorf


  1. I bowled at Kettle Moraine Bowl for many years! Tom Amy &Judy were all there!! We were there as ladies mornings and couples, New Years Eve& Craft sales! Lots & lots of great memories! A question?, what happened to all the
    Plax with 600 s on them? Donna Brownlee

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