REBROADCAST VIDEO | Birthday parade for Hartford girl turning 8 years old

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March 28, 2020 – Hartford, WI – Addie Lincoln had a big day planned for her 8th birthday. A field trip at school, a sleep over with friends and, of course, cake. While those plans were put asunder Addie’s mom scrambled to arrange another event – a birthday parade that would respect the current social-distancing standards.

The parade, made up of friends, teachers, and grandparents went off without a hitch Friday morning as about 40 cars wheeled their way down Broadmoore Drive in Hartford and surprised a little girl.

“Happy birthday Addie,” yelled a family with balloons and streamers hanging from their car window.

Grandma and grandpa Lincoln waived as a mechanical megaphone played ‘Happy Birthday’ and a colorful unicorn balloon hung out their sunroof.


Cars horns echoed through the neighborhood.

Addie and her brother, wrapped in blankets and hooded sweatshirts, watched the 10-minute parade from their front row seat in the driveway.

As the parade wrapped up the sidewalk was full of stuffed toys, candy and confetti tossed from open car windows and sunroofs.

Addie Lincoln of Hartford

A plastic bag with candy and gifts was tossed into the bush outside the Lincoln’s home. It surprised Addie as she walked to the driveway. A social-distancing delivery.


Addie Lincoln

“This was great,” said Addie. “I loved the candy and stuffies.”

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