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Rep. Jesse Kremer highlighted in article in Wis. State Journal

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Kewaskum Assembly Rep. Jesse Kremer is the topic of an article by Molly Beck in the Wisconsin State Journal.

Kremer posted a note, “Many thanks to Molly Beck from the left-leaning Wisconsin State Journal on writing a fair story regarding my background, ideology and first year in office.

I had the privilege of being the first in her Profiles of a Legislator stories and I was a bit concerned it may be a “hit” piece. It was not one-sided and well written.”

A portion of Beck’s article is below.

Longtime lobbyist and Republican strategist Brandon Scholz, who works for The Capitol Group, said Kremer represents a state Legislature that is trending younger in recent years and leadership’s relatively new approach of allowing freshmen lawmakers a more prominent role.

“It is a much younger and less institutional Legislature than it has been,” said Scholz. “I also think it is reflective of an attitude — not held by everybody — but certainly held by some of those like Jesse Kremer, who don’t care if they buck the system and don’t care if they get re-elected because they are there on principle.”

Since taking office, Kremer has authored legislation that banned abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy, would place gender restrictions on school bathrooms and locker rooms, allow concealed carry permit-holders to carry weapons on public school grounds and college campuses, put photo IDs on food stamp recipients’ debit cards and prohibit city officials from blocking police officers from asking people about their immigration status.

Read the full article about Rep. Jesse Kremer at the Wisconsin State Journal.

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