Scams on the rise this holiday season. Washington Co. Sheriff warns neighbors to be wary and vigilant

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Washington County Sheriff

Dec. 13, 2016 – Town of Jackson, WI – On Sunday, Dec. 11 the Washington County Sheriff’s Office investigated a report from a neighbor in the Town of Jackson that was scammed out of $4,000 in Target gift cards after getting a call from the subject’s “grandson.”

The grandson reported being involved in a car accident and needed money.

Especially this time of year, please remain vigilant to these criminal elements.

A similar story was carried out this past November 5. See details below

The Sheriff’s Office is warning citizens of an increase in scams – using similar story lines – that have defrauded Washington County residents of thousands of dollars over the past several months. Several of the cases involve elderly victims that are contacted by their “grandchildren” over the phone. The suspects pose as a relative and request some type of financial help for a predicament they are allegedly involved in. The scams that have been circulating here recently involve suspects that purport to have been involved in some type of auto accident and need bail money, attorney fees paid or money to pay off property damages.

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