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County Exec discusses “Our Great Community” principles over breakfast conversations in Germantown

August 2, 2021 – On July 27, 2021, County Executive Josh Schoemann spent time sharing “Our Great Community” principles over breakfast conversations with residents at Ivee’s on Main in Germantown.


The Washington County Insider first reported on the new quarterly newsletter “Our Great Community” on July 28, 2021. The publication is projected to cost approximately $200,000 annually.

Click HERE for more background on this project.

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  1. What a waste of our money. There is a reason that every private company, volunteer group an Government agency has gone to online newsletters in lieu of designing, printing, posting and mailing said newsletter. Because they care about the bottom line. they are in the business of making or raising money. Our County Executives do not care about the costs because they come out f your and my pockets. They can always raise the County Park usage fee some or try implementing an outrageous fee on our Mound Systems again. You were elected to do the will of your constituents, not to pilfer their funds and spend them on ridiculous projects. Will someone responsible eject these people. This would never be tolerated anywhere else.

  2. I completely agree. What a terrible waste of money. Why does our County Exec think that more people are going to read a hard copy rather than an online version? This has a strong odor of campaigning on the public’s dime.

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