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REAL ESTATE | New self-checkout at Aldi in Washington Co., WI

West Bend, WI – Local grocery store Aldi has jumped on board the national trend adding self-checkout lanes. There are five self-check stations at the store on S. Main Street in West Bend.


The self-checkout is pretty simple and very similar to the other grocery outlets in town.

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The scanners are quick to read the barcodes, the send and receive platforms are large while the setups themselves are pretty compact.

There are pictures to help when purchasing produce and vegetables. The payment screen is easy to use; note – cash is not accepted at the self-check, just credit or debit.

The stations are set in between the two staffed checkout areas and then there a random checkout along the front wall; it’s separate from the other four…. kind of like it’s been sent for a timeout…. but all worked swell and helped keep the traffic flowing.

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While Aldi staff is always fantastic, customers are familiar with some extensive backups stretching down the aisle when it’s busy.

Self-checkouts are becoming the rage as businesses struggle with staffing issues.

What do you think of Aldi adding self-checkouts?

On a history note: Remember checking out at the old Otten’s Grocery in Barton? Gene had his ole’ black ‘discount’ marker. Click HERE to read more…

Gene Otten


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