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Two men arrested for human trafficking in Washington County | By Chief Mike Snow

May 5, 2021 – Germantown, WI – Human trafficking is undeniably one of the greatest evils plaguing our planet. Through force, fraud or coercion, each year millions of men, women and children are trafficked worldwide. This is happening in our own country. People are preyed upon due to emotional vulnerability, economic hardships, lack of safe environment and a number of other reasons.

We are doing a better job of raising awareness but the problem is still not getting the attention needed.

Last week the Germantown Police Department, in cooperation with the Wisconsin Department of Criminal Investigation and the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, coordinated an interdiction to target individuals soliciting prostitutes at local hotels. The interdiction resulted in the arrest of two adult males. During the interdiction investigators were in contact with over 30 individuals expressing an interest in trading money or drugs for sexual acts.

This is the first operation of this kind performed by the Germantown Police Department. This interdiction only happened because a group of motivated officers, on third shift, approached their supervisors concerned that this was happening in their community. They presented evidence and ideas to address their concerns. Their supervisors worked with the officers and came up with a plan that was presented to me.

This is the true narrative of law enforcement in this country. One of a profession made up of motivated officers with a passion to protect others, to sacrifice for the safety of others, and to do their best to stop the evil conduct they witness too routinely. In short, as demonstrated here, it is a profession of men and women committed to serving.

Chief Snow

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