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Some great testimonials about the success people are having at Fit Club in Richfield



June 30, 2018 – Richfield, WI – Summer is here and there are some great testimonials coming in for Tina Schultz and Fit Club LLC.

Cherie Osterberg on June 2, 2018

“No matter your current fitness level, Tina will modify the workouts to meet your needs. I started with the first free class after not working out for quite a while, and Tina made several modifications. After becoming a member, I found that I have increased my capabilities significantly. After a class, I feel great and I have way more energy for the rest of the day. The longer I work out, the more energy I have for any physical work that needs to be done! The club exceeded my expectations. The atmosphere is bright, uplifting, very clean and germ conscious. After speaking with Tina and seeing the club, it was obvious that she takes personal interest in her members/guests/visitors. The club is bright and clean, and the equipment is of very high quality. I have gained so much strength and confidence in such a short time. Tina continually adds new movements to keep challenging the clients. Seeing yourself go from not being able to do it to performing the movement with proper form builds a lot of confidence.”


Lori Heidecker on May 29, 2018

“After joining Fit Club, in just two months I have seen significant changes to my energy, strength, and the fact that I am wearing clothes that have not fit in more than 5 years. I feel more comfortable wearing dresses to work, summer shorts and sleeveless shirts. I still walk at nights, although working out at Fit Club has added the perfect solution to keeping me fit and feeling younger! Plus, working with Tina is more fun and she likes to push you to always do more than you ever thought you could.”


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