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Students at Allenton Elementary School publish a book | By Ms. Rebecca (Becky) Schuett

Dec. 18, 2018 – Allenton, WI – Students at Allenton Elementary School, 1st and 4th grade buddies were busy authors in November working on book-publishing kits through Student Treasures.

Allenton Elementary School

They read an animal book to gather facts, wrote clues describing their animal, and illustrated their animal in its habitat. The buddy books are entitled “What am I?”

Buddy book from Allenton Elementary

The books include a title page, dedication page, clue and illustration pages, and photographs of the buddies. It was a wonderful cooperative learning activity.

The students looked very proud as the books were shared with them during a publishing party which included juice and popcorn. Students who ordered books were very excited to take them home to share with families over the holidays.

Allenton Elementary authors

Our 1st and 4th graders really enjoy working together and always look forward to our next visit and activity.

Thank you for your interest in this special student celebration.

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