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The Case of the Missing $100 bill | By Jackson Police

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Oct. 7, 2018 – Jackson, WI – It’s like a Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys mystery in Jackson and the Police Department was hot on the case.

A couple of days ago Andrew’s mother called the PD and asked if anyone turned in a $100 bill. Turns out Andrew lost one while he was out selling popcorn door-to-door.

The officer that took the call, did what we normally do, put a note in our squad book in the slim chance anyone were to turn the $100 in, we’d know who to call.

Well we saw the note and felt bad for Andrew. At 11 years old, $100 is A LOT of money. Especially for someone who is raising it for a good cause.

So we reached out to Andrew’s mom and asked if Andrew could stop by the PD on Saturday night and give us his best sales pitch and she said it wouldn’t be a problem.







We got hard to work rounding up popcorn orders to make it worth his time.

Come Saturday night, Andrew showed up and gave us his sales pitch. Even though he was a little shy, he gave it his best shot.

The JPD ended up ordering a $130 worth of popcorn from him. A few of us (plus Officer Gerke’s mom) also pitched in and gave $100 to Andrew so he wouldn’t have to pay the $100 out of his own or his mom’s pocket.

There was a stipulation though, if he ever gets arrested, he has to pay us the $100 back. 😁 After talking to Andrew, I don’t believe he will ever be paying us back, which is perfectly fine by us.


After posting the initial story, the person who found the $100 bill came to the PD, his name is Bob. He found the money the same night that Andrew lost it and asked both of his neighbors if they had lost any money and they told him they had not. Bob went out of town for the weekend and when he returned, he saw our FB post and came to the PD with the money so it could be returned to Andrew.

This is another example of the quality of residents we have in the village. Thank you Bob for restoring our faith in humanity.

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