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The icy sidewalk-driveway dilemma. What is your strategy?

Feb. 10, 2019 – Washington Co., WI – Mother Nature is to blame for this and there are just no two ways about it.

Ice and snOw situation

Last week after a polar vortex moved through southeastern Wisconsin there was an incredible warm up with temps in the mid-40s followed by rain.

Overnight the rain freezes and turns everything, including the much discussed Shopko parking lot in West Bend, into an ice rink.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of falling yet, then you’re smart and have stayed inside.

The hot topic is how people across Washington County are managing.

A friend said today she got solar salt, meant for a water softener, at a local gas station. Price was just over $20 a bag. (Which has now been spread about and still the whole sidewalk has yet to be addressed.)

What has been your strategy? Other than checking the forecast and looking forward to above freezing ‘maybe’ on Thursday….. oh wait, now that’s changed.

Feel free to chime in with how you’re coping…. and more importantly, if it WORKS!

Winter Carnival at Washington County Fair Park

On a side note: Thanks for Washington County Fair Park for offering some respite with the Winter Carnival and giving families and kids a safe, indoor experience to work off cabin fever as we make our way through Wisconsin’s winter.


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