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The music behind the motion at Jazzercise in Hartford/West Bend/Slinger/ Dodge County | By Sara Miller

Hartford, WI – “Sweating to the Oldies?”

Heck no, girl!  Not at Jazzercise of Hartford/West Bend/Slinger/Dodge County.









Some people have preconceived notions about what Jazzercise sounds like in the year 2020.  Did you know every year 165 new songs and routines are made available to our instructors to pick from?  Our music comes from all genres; including but not limited to; Pop, Alternative, Country, Rock, R&B, House, and Rap.

Across all of our locations we have 24 certified instructors leading 40 classes a week with an average of 16 songs per class.  The possibilities are nearly endless.  That’s a lot of music!  Do you think you’ll get bored?  Not a chance.

Our instructors change their music regularly so class is always fun, fresh, and current.  Right now, you could walk in and hear Meghan Trainor, Pit Bull, or Fall out Boy.  Next week you could hear Lizzo, Pink, or Lil Jon in class.  No matter what’s playing, it will be fun to dance, punch, kick, and smile your way to your fitness goals.

Come join us girl!  You’re missing out.

Check out our full schedule at each of our locations by visiting Jazzercise.com and type in your zip code.

See you at class.


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