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UPDATE VIDEO: Final tally recount results in Washington County. “Clerk Brenda Jaszewski did an awesome job.”

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Dec. 6, 2016 – In less than a week poll workers across Washington County, under the guidance of County Clerk Brenda Jaszewski, have successfully recounted the ballots from the 2016 presidential election.

Their findings showed President-Elect Donald Trump gained 11 votes and Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton lost 3 votes.

The recount process started last Thursday in Washington County. Clerks had until Monday, Dec. 12 to complete the process.

Barton Town Clerk Aggie Pruner was involved in the recount and said it was a huge learning experience. “I was able to see how the things we do at the polls, like reconciling the books, really makes a difference,” said Pruner.

“Having a well-trained staff, organization is key and making sure the books and numbers come out right; just knowing some of the scrutiny that comes out of something like this made this a valuable learning experience.

“Yes the system works; resoundingly,” said Pruner.

Kathy Kiernan, district chair for the Washington County Republican Party, said Jaszewski was wonderful.

“One of the lawyers from Bush/Gore in Florida was here and he told Brenda she is one of the best, organized clerks he had ever seen,” said Kiernan. “She’s professional and courteous to all her tabulators and it was a really good experience.”

Some of the minimal tabulating errors came in from write in ballots and there were minor discrepancies with absentee ballots.


Recount totals statewide can be found at Recount Results update or click HERE


A list of other county results are below.

Incoming Washington County Clerk Ashley Reichert read the final vote tabulations.



Explanation of Changes per Reporting Unit Day 6 Update – 12/06/16

Explanations listed in italics are new

Adams County: 9 absentee ballot envelopes rejected by recount canvass due to missing witness addresses. A drawdown was done resulting in a loss of 5 votes for Trump/Pence and a loss of 4 votes for Clinton/Kaine.

Total 28 vote change (8 vote net loss) in Town of Springville Wards 1-2 due to human error during original town Board of Canvass.

Dane County: 12 Absentee ballots were left in their certificate envelopes, unopened, on Election Night, for City of Monona Wards 6-10. Ballots were opened and canvassed by the board during the recount.

23 Absentee ballots were left in their certificate envelopes on Election Night for the City of Fitchburg Wards 1-4.

Eau Claire County: Increase of 11 votes in Town of Brunswick and 13 votes in Town of Seymour due to ballots marked incorrectly on Election Day.

Increase of 12 votes in City of Eau Claire Ward 30 from ballots that were uncounted on Election Night due to a paper jam.

Fond Du Lac County: 13 absentee envelopes were missing from Election Night and 1 absentee ballot counted on Election Night was rejected during recount canvassing of Town of Fond Du Lac Wards 1-8. A drawdown was done resulting in a loss of 7 votes for Trump/Pence and a loss of 7 votes for Clinton/Kaine.

Grant County: Village of Woodman and Village of Livingston removed from Day 4 results pending verification of recount numbers by Grant County Board of Canvass. Numbers are re-verified and have been added to the Day 6 results.

Kenosha County: Net change of 22 votes in Town of Somers Ward 2 due to discrepancy in original canvass numbers from Election Night. -1 for Trump/Pence, +3 for Castle/Bradley, +12 for Johnson/Weld, and +6 for Stein/Baraka.

Langlade County: Increase of 39 votes for Trump/Pence in Town of Rolling Wards 1-2 due to an addition discrepancy in Election Night reporting.

Manitowoc County: Increase of 24 votes in Town of Centerville due to a stack ballots missed on Election Day.

Marathon County: Adjustment to votes reported in the City of Abbotsford. No voters live in Ward 6 and all votes have been correctly added to Ward 1 totals. There is no change in the net number of votes; +7 votes to Ward 1 and -7 votes in Ward 6.

Decrease of 11 votes in Town of Stetin Wards 1-2 due to absentee envelopes rejected by recount canvass: 6 envelopes missing a witness signature and 5 envelopes missing a witness address. A drawdown was done resulting in a loss of 5 votes for Trump/Pence, a loss of 5 votes for Clinton/Kaine and loss of 1 vote for Johnson/Weld.

Menominee County: Increase in 29 votes in Town of Menominee Wards 1,3-5 due to human error; vote counts were left off of the Election Night tally sheet. +12 votes for Johnson/Weld and +17 votes for Stein/Baraka

Milwaukee County: Town of Hales Corners Wards 7-9 numbers have been corrected and now reflect accurate recount totals as of the Day 6 update.

Outagamie County: Addition of 1 vote to Day 5’s City of Appleton Ward 41 totals. A Ward 41 ballot was found with ballots for Ward 38 during the recount.

Ozaukee County: Increase of 29 votes in Village of Newburg Ward 3 due to a discrepancy in original canvass results for Trump/Pence numbers.

Racine County: Increase of 13 votes for Clinton/Kaine in City of Racine Ward 4. Votes were not counted on Election Night due to non-standard pens used to mark ballots.

Richland County: Town of Buena Vista Wads 1-3 removed from Day 6 results pending further verification of recount numbers by Richland County Board of Canvass.

Sheboygan County: Increase of 26 votes in City of Plymouth Wards 10-12. Votes were not counted on Election Night due to human error and voter intent was determined during recount.

Vernon County: Increase of 35 votes in City of Viroqua Wards 1-9 due to ballots not being read by the voting machine on Election Night. +9 for Trump/Pence, +22 for Clinton/Kaine, +1 for Castle/Bradley, +2 for Johnson/Weld, and +1 for Stein/Baraka.

Walworth County: Increase of 10 votes in Town of Whitewater Wards 1-2 due to ballot jams on Election Day.

Washburn County: Discrepancies in Town of Bashaw were due to an discrepancy in the previous certification. The total ballots for Trump/Pence should have been 385 instead of the 352 reported.

Waukesha County: Addition of 1 vote to Day 5’s Town of Delafield Wards 1,2,5,6 totals. Corrected to show 1 additional vote for Trump/Pence.

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