Vehicle hits utility pole and ends up in Big Cedar Lake off Highway 144



Dec. 1, 2017- Big Cedar, WI – Washington County Sheriff’s responded to a vehicle in Big Cedar Lake on Thursday night.

According to the Sheriff the northbound vehicle was on Highway 144 just south of Highway K, the driver lost control, struck the utility pole and continued on into Big Cedar Lake.

The vehicle did not become completely submerged. The driver managed to escape on his own and climb to safety.

The man told authorities he believe he was in the Oconomowoc area and actually had gone into the Rock River.

The accident happened at 11:21 p.m.

The 65-year-old man is from Concord, WI will be cited for first offense OWI.


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  1. According to lake residents the man did not leave the vehicle alone. A woman and man (lake residents?) jumped in to the lake, broke the window and cut him out of his seatbelt. Thank you to these heroic people for saving a life.

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