VIDEO | 16 Vietnam Vets from Washington County on Nov. 3 Honor Flight

Oct. 20, 2018 – Washington Co., WI – Sixteen veterans from Washington County will be on the Nov. 3 Stars & Stripes Honor Flight including John and Donna Klienmaus of West Bend.

This will be the 49th mission for the Honor Flight. Two planes carrying 75 vets each will take off from Mitchell International Airport.

Since 2008 the Stars & Stripes Honor Flight has flown 6,199 local veterans.



Vietnam vets on this flight include: Robert Hertzfeldt, Army, from Jackson.

West Bend veterans who served during Vietnam include Louis Malmarowski, Army, Michael O’Leary, Army, Donald Harter, Army, Robert Pfeifer, Marines, Theodore Harris, Army, Robert Mueller, Army, Ronald Henderson, Army, and the husband-wife team of John and Donna Kleinmaus.

Hartford veteran Darrell Malmarowski Shadow, Army and David Wierzba, Air Force.

Germantown veteran Robert Drewek, Army and William Eusebio, Army, Dale Schuldt from Hubertus and Army vet Gustave Totsky from Richfield.




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