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VIDEO | Deb Butschlick – Leaving a Legacy at UWM at Washington County

August 11, 2020 – Washington Co., WI – A final athletic/academic awards banquet was held this month honoring student athletes from UWM at Washington County.

After the Pick awards were handed out, the Thomas Brigham Academic Award, and all-conference recognitions a final salute was given to Athletic Director/coach Deb Butschlick.

For the past 35 years Butschlick has worn a number of hats including mentor, confidant and mother of the Wildcat family. Fellow coaches and players praised her for her leadership, understanding, guidance, and compassion. She also had the best office at UWWC which often served as a study hall, lunch lounge, and a place to catch a couple winks between classes.


Tennis coach Roger Peterson – “Debbie is right up there with former AD Tom Brigham in developing our athletic program and it has been just a pleasure working with her.”

Thomas Brigham Academic Award winner Morgan Kapplar – “I wouldn’t have met half the people I met at school without Deb.”

All-Conference volleyball player Caryn Hamm – “She made me a stronger person and she helped me stand up for myself.”

Golf coach John Minz – “Sports at UWM at Washington County is Debbie Butschlick. Multiple people she interacted with come back to the community as leaders. That’s Deb’s legacy.”

Fair Park







Kayla Boehm – “She helped us in the classroom as well as on the court.”

Tate  Stoeckmann – “Deb encourages people to try new things and not be afraid to meet new friends and be comfortable with who they are.”

Not only did Butschlick receive praise from those at the local University, she also was recognized by her peers in the Wisconsin Collegiate Conference as she was honored with the Conference Coach of the Year 11 times.

Butschlick submitted her resignation to UWM at Washington County in May at the end of this past school year.  It was determined in April 2019 that conference athletic programs would be cut at the University in Washington County in 2020-2021.

Butschlick has since been hired as the volleyball coach at West Bend West High School.

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Deb Butschlick


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