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VIDEO | District 2 aldermanic candidates in West Bend appear at Common Sense Citizens

March 29, 2019 – West Bend, WI – The two candidates running for District 2 alderman in West Bend spoke before Common Sense Citizens of Washington County this week.

Incumbent Mike Christian addressed the group first.

Mike Christian – District 2 alderman in WB – Downtown area in West Bend is his district. Love participating in public service and have time and energy. Lived in West Bend since 1990. Started at a restaurant. Took job at Jeff’s Spirits on Main and volunteered a lot with Washington County Youth Hockey, Washington County Humane Society – found himself involved in a lot of things with History Center of Washington County Board of Directors. Event planning and community relations. Most recently Christian started music festival at Regner Park – Homegrown Music Festival. Now it’s in the fifth year. When you’re passionate about your community you get a buy in from the community. I represent my community well. In one year, I was appointed alderman, when Steve Hutchins left and in that time I’ve taken hundreds of phone calls and emails.

My mission is to listen to the issue at hand and make sure they’re not going off the deep end. Talking through issues with people is one thing I’m good at and not projecting an opinion but figuring out a solution. I stand at middle ground and I’m able to listen and come up with reasonable solutions. It’s what makes sense for the whole. I have time and capacity and happy to gain your support for Dist. 2 alderman.

Mark Allen is also vying for Dist. 2 alderman in West Bend – After high school started career for 12.5 years at U.S. Coast Guard. Enlisted. Left service and moved into private sector and filled six jobs. Living in West Bend since 1998. Learned in Coast Guard is importance of following, leading and being part of a team. I will bring that to position if elected.  My priorities are public safety, maintenance and training.

Need excellence in police and fire departments. Important to do maintenance and focus on infrastructure including potholes. We need to come up with a program for this. If elected I propose an easy streamline method for community to report with possible hotline. Propose stop new construction on roads without safety issue until we get 90% of potholes filled. Look at public private partnership.  Entire professional life worked in engineering including computers and electrical and mechanical engineering, civil engineering with bridges and tunnels. I’ve learned how to solve problems and approach it in a rational manner.  I’m a big believer in taking tax resources and making use of them effectively.

Below is a copy of a sample April 2, 2019 ballot courtesy Washington County Clerk Ashley Reichert.

This ballot does not include the race for District 2 alderman in West Bend.

Sample ballot West Bend


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