VIDEO | George Prescott comes clean on whether Aaron Rodgers bought Timmer’s

Sept. 12, 2018 – Big Cedar Lake, WI – It was going to be the scoop of the century as a tipster called in that Green Bay Packer’s quarterback Aaron Rodgers was buying property on Big Cedar Lake.

Why an NFL pro worth a gazillion dollars ( or $30 million according to The Street) would want to have neighbors and not just simply buy a private lake… was a little questionable until the rumor mill stirred the pot and the next thing you know Rodgers was buying Timmer’s Resort.

In August, a story was posted on that George and Judi Prescott were putting Timmer’s Resort up for sale.







Prescott and his wife bought the property on the south end of Big Cedar Lake in October 2007 and now…

“Yup I decided after 10 -12 years I have a nice sense of accomplishment that I brought the resort back to life and I’ll turn it over to somebody else now to let them take it on,” Prescott said.

After a month on the market the chatter started about a possible sale…. and we caught up with Mr. Prescott today at a fundraiser for Roots & Branches and he cleared everything up.






On a side note: Grocer George (as he calls himself) is so humble, but he likes a good story and after a lifetime in Washington County he’s used to the rumor mill. Even though he knew it was not true he was agreeable to do the video. “We need more humor these days,” he said.

Prescott promised to keep us up to speed on the pending sale of Timmer’s Resort.

Click HERE to read more at what type of buyer the Prescotts are looking for.

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