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VIDEO | Woman from Cedar Ridge is Honorary Dancing Granny in Allenton Parade

Allenton, WI – Inspired by Tiffany Bando’s effort to make her grandmother’s bucket-list dream come true to work as a clerk at a hardware store, the wish to perform with the Dancing Grannies of Milwaukee, WI was undertaken.
Joan Steffes, 89, is a resident at Cedar Ridge. An avid dancer, she had consistently expressed a desire to be a Dancing Granny. On Sunday at the Allenton Parade that wish was fulfilled as Steffes was the honorary banner carrier.

“I can dance… and I’m old,” said Steffes as she met the gaggle of Grannies. They were dressed in silver sparkle, blue skirts, shiny hats and bright red lipstick. “The lipstick is one of the requirements,” said a Granny who was diligent about her makeup.

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Steffes was the honorary banner carrier. It wasn’t too hard to spot her with her signature white hair.  While tasked with the banner she did manage to get in a quick dance step or two. The Grannies were naturally friendly and welcoming, cheering Joan’s arrival.

Honorary banner carrier and Joan Steffes made the cover of the Dancing Grannies FB page

“We’re extremely grateful she can join us and we like making dreams come true,” said spokeswoman Jean Knutson.

Joan was eager to review all the dance steps she knew.  “You’re cool,” said one of the Grannies.

The Milwaukee Dancing Grannies were a big draw at the parade.  Passing by the judge’s stand the crowd rose to its feet with a standing ovation.

The Milwaukee Dancing Grannies drew national attention in November 2021 after four of their members were killed by a hit-and-run driver who plowed into the Waukesha Christmas Parade.

Knutson said new members have since joined the group. Steffes said she is eyeing up a permanent position. “They practice once a week at Wilson Park,” she said to her driver. “I loved it.”

We’ll keep you posted.

Editor’s note: Joan Steffes is my mom.

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