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VIDEO | That is one big rig?

Sept. 21, 2018 – West Bend, WI – This big rig was spotted in the parking lot at Walmart in West Bend today.

Cheers to the person behind the wheel. It’s like having a super power to be able to maneuver this.  Onlookers had a million questions and we’re looking for Sleeveless Bob Schneider Jr. for a couple insights.

– Is this was even legal?

We Googled it: Apparently double towing in Wisconsin is legal. Lots of answers click HERE.

– Can you backup?

– What happens at a roundabout?

-How much of a factor is the wind when driving on the interstate?

– Would you have the confidence to try this?

On a side note: I did walk over to ask permission to take a photo of the rig. There was a guy loading groceries and then I lost him when I came out of the bank. If this is a problem – give me a call 262-334-4526.


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