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VIDEO | Mother’s Day surprise at Morrie’s West Bend Honda

May 11, 2021 – West Bend, WI – It was April 16 when Larry Mallard made the big announcement that there were going to be babies at Morrie’s West Bend Honda.

And then in amazing Mother-Nature fashion there was something to celebrate on Mother’s Day. “I think you better get over here,” said Mallard via a phone message on Saturday.

A quick scan of the nest tucked into the shrubs in the dealership parking lot showed an empty downy campsite with remnants of eggshells.

duck, eggs, nest

Now to find the new family. There were a couple areas of standing water but success was spotted swimming and then swiftly scuttling across a swampy area in the back parking lot.

On Saturday four ducklings were spotted along with mom and dad and Sunday five were seen scurrying away from human. The geese, on the other hand, were pretty nonchalant and worry free as they grabbed a late afternoon swim.

Congrats to Larry and his team at Morrie’s West Bend Honda. Now… what’s an appropriate Mother’s Day gift for a pseudo parent of baby ducks.

Morrie's Honda

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