VIDEO | Smooth ride on the new sidewalk on 18th Avenue in West Bend

Oct. 1, 2018 – West Bend, WI – One of the viewers on threw down a comment about how the sidewalk on the newly constructed 18th Avenue was not as smooth as before.

So we took a short bike ride out to the area just south of Decorah Avenue and rode up and down the sidewalk. No problem there however there are about a dozen or more flaws in the roadway, mostly along the sidewalk and the curb.



The areas in need of a do over are circled in pink spraypaint. A series of photos from some of the cracks and bad cement pours are below.

The city engineer said the contractor is responsible for fixing the issues.

A hat tip to the city engineer for keeping the standards high…. even though it means the community will have to wait a bit longer before the road reopens.

The section of 18th Avenue just south of Decorah Road is scheduled to open mid-October.



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