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VIDEO | Time Investment family says ‘happy retirement’ to Gloria Fleischman

March 5, 2019 – West Bend, WI – The Time Investment family, 100 N. Sixth Avenue in West Bend, rolled out the red carpet for long-time employee Gloria Fleischman.

“Gloria we love you,” said Tom Hafeman.  “We hired Gloria in 1999; Prince sang about her.”

Hafeman was the master of ceremonies during Fleischman’s retirement party where gifts were given. lunch was served and tears were shed as a 20-year employee wrapped up her career.

Ady Lennartz has worked at Time Investment since 2001.  “Gloria has always been one we can count on and she was always here in any type of weather; she was here no matter what. She was always happy, willing to help anybody else and a great person to know.”

Wendy Dubois has been with Time Investment for 20 years. “Gloria and I talk every day,” said Dubois. “I just love her. She’s so sweet, polite and helpful and always looking out for you. She will be missed.”

Tom Hafeman said Fleischman has been ‘the best employee.’  “I was there in 1999 when we hired Gloria and she came from a factory setting,” he said. “She was all nervous because she said she wasn’t that good of a typer but I gotta tell you it’s been a real pleasure the past 20 years because Gloria really has made a big difference in our company.”

Hafeman raved about Fleischman’s punctuality, especially when she would drive in from Campbellsport in winter. “She was always on time and she never miss work,” he said. “There could be 10 feet of snow and 30 degrees below zero and who would be here, Gloria!”

Hafeman said he even tried to spoil Fleischman on her last day by letting her clock out early… but she would have none of it. “We’d let her leave early, pay her until the end of the day…. and she wants to stay! I said Gloria… it’s your last day go enjoy your family. That’s just some dedication,” he said.

John Hafeman said Fleischman is a unique employee. “She has grown with us from when we were very small to where we are today,” he said. “She will be sorely missed; it has just been a real pleasure to work with her.”

Jayne Peplinski and Sara Struebing said Fleischman showed them the ropes. “She welcomed me like crazy and it was funny because she laughs about being a bad typer… and she was a fun lady and just super nice,” said Peplinski.

“I really thanked them for the opportunity to work here,” said Fleischman about the Hafeman family. “I hadn’t used a typewriter in 20 years so I took a typing course. It’s been a long road… but a good road.”

Fleischman said when she started the company was located in a pole building on River Road in West Bend. “When I started everything was done manually including deposits and data entry. We’ve come a long way, now it’s automated and there are so many new entities.”

“This started with a few of the Hafeman family in the basement of their home and now their kids work here.

“The Hafemans have been very good to me and I have nothing but good things to say,” she said.

Fleischman said during retirement she will work on things on the farm and straighten things out since her husband, Norman’s, passing.

“One step at a time… that’s what life is all about,” she said.



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