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Washington Co. Sheriff deals with a number of thefts

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Heritage Trails County Park 4668 Cty Tk E

Washington County Sheriffs responded to Heritage Trails County Park in the Town of Polk on Sunday at 3:06 p.m. to investigate a report of a vehicle broken into while the owner was attending her child’s soccer game.  Deputies arrived and located six vehicles broken into while the owners were watching the soccer game. All six vehicles had the windows broken out and various items taken ranging from cash to credit cards to electronics.  Germantown Police are also investigating similar incidents in two different locations along STH 145 at youth sport events during that same time frame.  The suspects are only described as two black males in a black 4-door car.  The Sheriff’s Office is stepping up patrols in the area of youth sporting events, but citizens are reminded to refrain from leaving valuables visible within their vehicles.

Burglary at 502 Main St Allenton:

A 40-year-old Town of Addison woman was taken into custody for burglary after a business owner personally found the suspect in the basement of his licensed establishment on 9/26/16 at 12:30 a.m. The bar owner located the suspect in an area of the basement that is restricted for patrons. After the bar owner escorted her from the building, he observed her retrieve two bottles of liquor from behind a dumpster and run into her nearby home.  The Sheriff’s Office responded to the suspect’s apartment but initially she would only speak to authorities through her closed door.   After about half hour of conversation, the deputy was able to recover the two bottles of missing alcohol and took the female into custody for burglary.

 Burglary 2700 block of Jackson Dr.

The Sheriff’s Office is investigating a burglary to a home in the 2700 block of Jackson Drive in the Town of Jackson while the homeowners were in the back yard enjoying a camp fire.  The incident occurred on 9/24/016 at 9:21 p.m. and was discovered when one of the homeowners observed two subjects with flashlights running into an adjacent cornfield.  A subsequent inspection of the home revealed several items were taken.  Deputies were dispatched to the area and were not able to locate the subjects or any vehicles parked in the area.  The investigation is on-going.

Loud Music 1300 block of Ponderosa Dr. in the Town of Jackson

A 33-year-old Town of Jackson man was cited for loud and unnecessary noise as a result of a housewarming party he was hosting on 9/24/16 at 1:35 a.m.  The Washington County Sheriff’s Office was initially contacted by several different complainants around midnight indicating loud music and boisterous behavior could be heard throughout the neighborhood. Deputies arrived and made contact with the homeowner.  He was advised that the music needed to be turned down. The homeowner initially complied, and was specifically told if the Sheriff’s Office responded again citations would be issued.  At 1:35 a.m. the Sheriff’s Office again responded to the same address based upon area complaints.  Deputies noted the music could be clearly heard several homes away and was louder than the first time the deputies were summoned there.  The homeowner is now facing a county ordinance citation for loud and unnecessary noise with a forfeiture amount of $181.60.  Although this particular incident may not be particularly unique, it is an example of the Sheriff’s Office having to escalate law enforcement techniques for a simple infraction.  The primary goal of law enforcement is voluntary compliance with laws and ordinances.  In this example, when voluntary compliance can’t be achieved even after receiving a warning, the Sheriff’s Office needed to progressively escalate the enforcement action to gain compliance.

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