Washington Co. weekly updates by Joshua Schoemann

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Washington County

Washington County

  • Homeless Coalition Meeting – On Monday afternoon Human Services Committee Chairwoman Deiss and I met with members of the Homeless Coalition to discuss our County’s challenges with homelessness, and how best to combat these growing challenges.  At this point the coalition is doing its due diligence, but in the next few months I would expect a more overt information campaign, starting with some information at the Human Services Committee level.  If you are interested in learning more about these growing challenges, please feel free to contact me or Human Services Director Eric Diamond ([email protected]).
  • STH 60 Reliever Route – On Monday afternoon Scott Schmidt and I, along with SEWRPC officials, met with leaders from the Town of Addison.  We had another positive dialogue about the hopes, fears and opportunities that exist relative to this project.  Next week the Public Works Committee will be having a facilitated discussion with SEWRPC officials regarding the goals of the impending planning document.  This planning discussion will be followed by a Public Information Meeting on Wednesday, June 29 from 5 – 7pm at the Town of Hartford Town Hall. Please make an effort to attend this important meeting if possible. Your leadership and input is important to this process.
  • Health Insurance Renewal Meeting – While our Health Insurance Fund has no doubt been a difficulty which we have wrestled for the past two years, which has had tangible effects on all of us as county employees, I was extremely excited to be a part of our annual Health Insurance meeting on Tuesday where we heard that OUR EFFORTS OVER THE PAST TWO YEARS HAVE PAID OFF, AND OUR FUND IS ON TRACK FOR FISCAL HEALTH!!! Although we are not quite there yet, we are on track to replenish our Health Insurance Fund Balance in the prescribed 3 – 4 year window (2018-2019), and we are also in a position where our overall annual costs appear to have plateaued.  As a result we are projecting a much more manageable adjustment to premiums, and no major plan design changes for 2017.  An extra special thanks to all of our county employees for your perseverance, patience and understanding as we continue to work through this difficult process.  Additionally, a huge thank you to our HR and Finance teams, and especially Kathie Wild and Michelle Hoey for their diligent work to dig us out of this difficult fiscal hole.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!
  • HR/Payroll Project Update –   The Administrative Committee reviewed an upgrade project to the County’s HR/Payroll software.  After a thorough debate about the merits of SQL server versus cloud based systems, the committee approved the project to proceed with vendor Tyler Munis on the proposed SQL server platform.   This direction will result in the creation of a resolution for a general fund transfer of $800,000, as well as an assigned fund balance of $80,000.  Since there is a General Fund Transfer related to this project, the proposal will now proceed to Executive Committee for approval prior to County Board consideration in July.
  • SEWRPC Annual Meeting – On Wednesday afternoon and evening I had the pleasure of welcoming the SEWRPC Board of Directors to Washington County for their Annual Meeting.  My welcome provided the opportunity to feature the fair park stage project, as well as the work that SEWRPC is doing for the STH 60 Reliever Route project.  A number of the commissioners were very complimentary of Washington County and the work we’ve done over the years.  It was a true honor to host these distinguished guests!
  • Department Head Meeting – At Thursday’s Department Head meeting, we spent time discussing coaching high and low performing employees.  We also discussed our proposed format for review and policy discussions surrounding programs that were identified as Quartile 4 in the priority based budgeting process. Finally, we spent some time contemplating the 2017 budget calendar and possible budget changes that will be discussed at Executive Committee next week. 
  • Washington County Fair Employee Picnic – We are actively working on an upcoming employee appreciation event to be held at the Washington County Fair on Thursday, July 28th (Hunter Hayes!!).  The event will be first come first serve for employees, Supervisors and their families who are all welcome to participate.  We are grateful to our partners at West Bend Mutual Insurance and AIS that have helped us put this together!!Look for details coming from HR soon.
  • State of the County Presentations – On Tuesday, I gave the annual State of the County presentation to the County Board.  I have attached this presentation for your information.  Starting last night in the Town of Addison, I plan to give this presentation to all local municipalities in order to improve communication and share all of the positive things happening here at the County. I have also attached the schedule of these presentations for your reference.  We have a lot to be proud of and I look forward to sharing some highlights from the previous year and getting feedback from our municipal leaders and citiznes!




  • Michele Maher – Samaritan
  • Mary Jo Goodman – Human Services Department
  • Randall Schuessler – Samaritan
  • Jonathan Inlenfeldt (Summer Help) – Planning & Parks Department
  • Corey Liesener (Summer Help) – Planning  Parks Department
  • Rachel Vendermus (Summer Help) – Planning & Parks Department
  • Mallorie Kreis (Summer Help) – Planning & Parks Department



·         Amanda Herriges, Corrections Sergeant – Sheriff’s Department

Moving On…

  • Roman Becker, Highway Department – Retired


Active Recruitments

  • Activity Aide, CNA,  Dietary Aide,  LPN, Registered Nurse, RN Relief Supervisor – Samaritan
  • Psychiatric Social Worker – Human Services Department
  • Accounting Clerk, Communications Officer, Corrections Officer – Sheriff’s Department
  • Clerical Pool, HR Generalist – Human Resources
  • Laborer/Operator/Patrolperson – Highway Department

CONGRATULATIONS to the following employees for their years of service at the County!!


Josephine Hoffman – ADRC

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