Washington County weekly update from Joshua Schoemann

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·  March County Board MeetingThe March 8 County Board meeting will be moved to 2 p.m.
·  Health Department Merger Update – There was exciting progress regarding the health department merger this week.  First, Assembly Bill 362 regarding the County Health Merger to provide more flexibility for the funding distribution of the new department finally passed the Senate (please see attached)! The bill heads to the Governor’s desk for signature.  Second, I am very pleased to inform you that this project will be receiving a $75,000 grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation – Center for Sharing Public Health Services’: Cross Jurisdictional Sharing Implementation and Impact Measurement Program.  There were only a handful of projects nationwide chosen for this program.  The grant will help offset costs for the department related to the merger including costs for technology standardization.  It will also offer the new department technical support to measure the success of the project through efficiency and effectiveness measures.  Special Thanks to Kirsten Johnson, Jamie Ludovic, Deb Sielski and the Health Department Team for their work on this grant application!  Additional thanks to Representative Brooks and Senator Stroebel who took the lead on getting this legislation through both chambers of the legislature, as well as all of our State Legislative Representatives for their support!
·  Hartford Reliever Route – The Hartford Area Development Corporation (HADC) is requesting the Hartford Reliever Route project be made a priority for the near future.  This project was put on my goals for 2016.  Also, Executive Committee plans to discuss next steps at their February 1 meeting.  The original idea was that this February 01 discussion would frame the County’s approach, including engaging Highway Committee, our municipal partners, WisDOT, etc. 

It was brought to my attention this week that WisDOT was/is already engaged in the Hartford Reliever Route discussion.  Apparently at the WCA Highway Association on Tuesday the Transportation Development Association, a non-profit arm of the Road Builders Association, announced that they are doing a promotional campaign to help with funding and making state legislators aware of the project.  As part of this promotion the Hartford project may be used in an upcoming promotional video, featuring Broan NuTone (due to their involvement as referenced in the attached letter) and likely someone from Washington County.

This is a very exciting and fast moving discussion at this point.  Our corporate citizens in Hartford are working hard to get government to move quickly.  I believe we should embrace this momentum and try to capture the energy in a positive way. 
·  Cooperation with City of West Bend – Also this week, County Team members met with staff from the City of West Bend regarding a possible collaboration on the County’s upcoming Annex II and Senior Center Demolition project.  The City also has at least one building under consideration to be demolished.  Staff is currently exploring this project to see if it is something that may make sense and offer possible cost savings to both entities.
·  Capital Improvement Planning– Last week Friday was the deadline for submittal of CIP projects for the 2017 – 2021. For the past week we have been working together with most departments to do a preliminary review of the submitted projects.  In the coming weeks oversight committees will be reviewing these projects for final submittal to Administration and ultimately to Executive Committee.  Stay tuned for more information in your committee packets in the coming weeks.
·  UWWC Update – On Wednesday I had the opportunity to have lunch with the new Dean of the regional UW- Colleges (Washington, Waukesha & Sheboygan), Dr. Jackie Joseph-Silverstein.  It was a very pleasant opportunity to get to know one another, as well as hear one another’s perspective on Washington County and the future of UWWC.  In the coming months I think we can expect to hear more from Dr. Joseph-Silverstein about the strategic direction of both UWWC and the region as a whole.  I look forward to the opportunity to continue our positive relationship with the UW, and to learn lessons about the positives and negatives of regionalization.   
Moving on….
  • Zachary Giese – Sheriff’s Department – Job closer to home
  • Nicholas Wilichowski – Highway Department
Active Recruitments
  • CNA, LPN, Registered Nurse, RN (Relief Supervisor) – Samaritan
  • Medical Assistant, Program Assistant/Receptionist, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Senior Social Worker – Human Services Department 
  • Environmental Health Specialist, Public Health Nurse, WIC Nutritionist – Health Department
  • Accounting Supervisor, Project Manager/Deputy Surveyor – Highway Department
  • Corrections Officer – Sheriff’s Department
  • Administrative Intern – Administration Department
  • Custodian – Facilities Department
CONGRATULATIONS to the following employees for their years of service at the County!!
Scott Yahr – Planning & Parks Department
Kathy Beimborn – ADRC
Joshua Schoemann
County Administrator

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